Strengthening Loudr’s Distribution Services

Loudr Artists,

We’d like to notify you of an important change to our digital distribution services.

As you may know, Loudr offers artists the option to distribute their music through other digital stores, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and others. We work directly with Apple to deliver music to iTunes, and had partnered with an outside distribution service to reach other stores. However, based on feedback we’ve received from our artists, we’ve made the decision to move away from this outside service in the interest of shorter submission times, better control over distribution options, and more favorable terms for our artists.

Loudr already delivers music to some of the most popular digital retailers - iTunes and Pandora, with Google Play and Spotify coming in mid-March. As we evaluate additional services, we aim to add the stores that benefit our artists the most, and want to hear from you if you’d like to suggest a retailer not already on the horizon.

We feel strongly that artists should have as much direct control as possible over all aspects of their music careers, and will be listening as we continue to grow our distribution network.

If you have any questions or concerns about how this change affects you and your music, please contact us at

Tell us additional distribution options you want as a Loudr artist by filling out our online artist surveyNote: You are not required to answer all questions and may skip to Question 5 to address specific distribution services.

Thanks for getting Loudr with us,
Your Team @ Loudr


How does Loudr decide what stores it will distribute to?

You spent a lot of time and money making your records, so the decision to send your music to any store is one that we take seriously.

We try to weigh factors like financials (whether you’ll make money) and audience potential (whether you’ll get new fans), with the feedback that we get from you. Generally we want to send your music to stores where you’ll get the most benefit, and avoid sending your music to stores that don’t have a sustainable business model.

I only sell my music on the Loudr website. Does this affect me?

No, it does not. But if you ever do decide to use Loudr to send your music to other platforms like Google Play or Spotify, this will be relevant.

I asked to have my music sold through these stores, but the distribution hasn’t gone through yet. What does this mean for me?

Bear with us: this means your music will go live as soon as possible. When it goes live, it will be sent by Loudr to the stores directly, which means no middlemen, more control over content, and better royalties for you.

I didn’t realize that I could use Loudr to send my music to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Pandora. Can I go back and have you send my music out to those additional distributors?

Sure! Just send us an email at and let us know which of those additional stores you’d like your music on.

My music is currently being sold through Loudr on iTunes. Does this affect me?

Nope! We already work directly with iTunes.

My music is currently made available through Loudr on Spotify, Google Play and other stores. How does this affect me?

Your music will continue to be available through Spotify and Google Play as of mid-March, although it is possible that any store URLs may change. Your music will not be available through other distributors we do not have direct relationships with.

What additional distributors can Loudr send my music to as of today? 

We currently distribute to iTunes and Pandora, and will be adding Spotify and Google Play in mid-March. We’ll continue to pursue relationships with the most popular stores.

How can I get Loudr to distribute to additional services other than iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Pandora? 

We are currently evaluating additional services and you can let us know your suggestions through our artist survey. You are not required to answer all questions and may skip to Question 5 to address specific distribution services.

UPDATE 09.19.2014 : See our page dedicated to Loudr branding and assets

Many of our friends - artists, reviewers, and fans alike - have asked us about Loudr logos and buttons for use on their websites. A few artists have even gone ahead and made beautiful Loudr logos of their own (which we think is AWESOME!), but we’d like to make things as easy on everyone as possible.

 To that end, we’re providing a pack of logos and buttons for use on blogs, fansites, official artist pages, unofficial artist pages… pretty much wherever you’d like to show off your loyal Loudr wolf.

What would Loudr look like as an Infographic? We figured it out…

One of the most amazing things about building a platform is putting it all out there and seeing what happens. 
We couldn’t be certain what to expect when we launched Loudr on March 1, 2013. How many people will sign up? What kind of music will populateHow many people will choose to support artists directly?
In the ensuing months, we’ve been thrilled to discover that there was indeed a need for Loudr in the world of music creation, collaboration, and distribution. Artists have been able to use Loudr to manage the business administration that comes with making and sharing music, from cover song licensing to collaborator pay-splits to accounting. We’re excited to empower amazing artists like Alaa Wardi, Peter Hollens, Smooth McGroove and over 1,000 more. Loudr’s 50,0000 supporters have really been showing the love: thanks to their support we’ve been able to generate $1,000,000 for talented artists.
This is just the beginning for Loudr! 
Ready to join the pack? We live here: 
That’s several kinds of thousands, so we’ve also summarized everything in a fun, attractive bundle of visual joy: 

Release The Hounds: Loudr Now Open!

The wait is over, and artists and fans alike now have direct access to music distribution platform Loudr. We’ll continue iterating and hacking to add new features (and we have more than a few good ones up our sleeves), but in the meantime, Team Loudr is proud to enable all artists (whether makers of original music, soundtracks, or cover songs) to release their music when they want to and how they want to. 

How To Claim Your Space On Loudr

To claim your space on Loudr, create a new account in one of three ways (you’ll be able to add the other accounts later if you want):

  1. The ol’ email/password combination 
  2. Connect with your Twitter account 
  3. Connect with your Facebook account

Create Your Account Now


Follow Artists

Keep track of your favorite artists (and let your favorite artists know that you care) by following them. When you purchase music on Loudr, you’ll start following that artist. You can also click the Follow Artist button on any Loudr artist page.


Release Music of Your Own

Got an album ready to go? Log in to your account and click Become An Artist. You’ll automatically be granted access to Loudr Alpha, where you can upload everything needed to release and sell your music, whether on your own Loudr storefront, on iTunes or beyond.


Coming Very Soon

We’re polishing the knobs and hammering out the creases in the new artist dashboard before we lovingly release it to you. In the meantime though, we invite you to share your thoughts on the current Loudr experience, both as an artist and as a music listener. You can reach us at or suggest and vote on new features on our Uservoice.

For those about to rock, we salute you.

Yours sincerely,
Team Loudr

Loudr: Bold New Changes For Our Bold Artists

It’s been a month since our last blog post, and we would not be surprised if you asked yourself “Hey, I wonder what the Loudr team is up to? Maybe they spend all their time eating cake and go-karting”

It’s a valid criticism. We do love cake and go-karts. And hacking. 

As you’ve probably seen from the Loudr homepage, bold new changes are underfoot. We’re terribly thrilled to share the first two complete pages of our new design. If you’re already on Loudr, one of these brand new pages is yours.


The new and improved Loudr homepage is lighter, bolder and clearer than our previous design. It’s also packed with features: 

• Fan highlights for those of you who take supporting bands very seriously and think it should be a full-contact sport 

• Organic album recommendations based on how you interact with Loudr

• A “What is Loudr” section (affectionately referred to as the GothCorner™)


As we continue building tools to help fans and artists interact (read: party with each other), we’ll keep updating the site and posting here with notes on our progress.


Loudr is nothing without its artists - they’re the reason we’re all here. With that in mind, we’ve completely overhauled the Artist Page with the goal of making it an artist’s most useful page, Internet-wide.

As of today, we’re giving artists direct support for:

• Banner images, pulled together dynamically from artist photos (check out for an example)

• Top Artist Contributors. Single out the fans who have given most to an artist across ALL their albums

• Twitter feed integration

• Customizable colors for your very own look and feel

• Social link support 

• Better SEO/Google support


We’ll keep adding new features, but these two pages will give you a taste of what we’re planning.

Getting Loudr at VidCon 2013



Hello YouTube fans, viewers and creators!  We invite you to join us at VidCon this coming weekend. Our team will be looking bright and colorful,  waiting to meet you at booth 431.  We really won’t be hard to miss *points to Loudr’s hot pink*.


So, why are we going to Vidcon? We want to meet as many fans and artists as possible! We want to get to know you, hang out, chat, party, and have a blast.  This conference is our opportunity to get closer to the people we care about the most and since we want you guys to have as much fun as possible, we’ve devised a few activities for everyone.


First off, we’ll have a mini-photo booth including a geometrical backdrop and goofy props. We’ll also be demoing a few new additions to Loudr, handing out stickers galore and providing you with answers about our platform.  Excitement in the office has really been buzzing about our contest.  Our team will have a video camera at the ready and anyone willing to get LOUDR with us will win a good-lookin’ prize! You’ll also be making an appearance on Loudr’s very first YouTube video!


We can’t wait to make you guys scream, literally!  This past month has been spent preparing for the big road trip from San Fran to LA. We have the van rented, the banners rolled and ready, the prizes packed, the snacks purchased….the only part left? Figuring out what game to play on the road trip and packing the giant van (read : making our designer choose just 1 pair of shoes).


Amidst all of this craze and prep for VidCon, our team would love to announce Loudr’s brand NEW Homepage (R.I.P. Big image of the guy with the fro) and Loudr’s beautiful NEW Artist Page.  Both will be launching in time for VidCon on August 1st. We really hope you fall in love with the latter - we had a lot of critique sessions with a few different artists about the design and development of their page. A lot of these critiques were propelled by InVision, allowing us to get clear feedback from an artist in Sweden! How cool!! You can look forward to more improvements to Loudr, especially after our team returns from VidCon, pumped up and ready to build faster for all of the super-amazing-talented people we’re going to meet!


New : Save to Dropbox + Loudr goes to DBX

The Loudr team has been quietly working behind the scenes on a project we think is pretty exciting. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of a brand-new function for our users.

For a long time, we’ve struggled with a big issue on the mobile version of our site. Sure, the design is responsive and looks great on phones and tablets, and the large buttons make operating the site on a touch screen just as easy as using it with a mouse, but what happens AFTER you support your favorite artist and get your download link?

Until today, the answer was “nothing”. You had to go to your PC, download the album you wanted, then load it onto your mobile device. With iOS locked up tight, there just wasn’t an easy way to get music from Loudr onto a lot of mobile devices - and all the work-arounds we found were way too complicated. We desperately just wanted some kind of “save” button that could take care of downloads for us.

And then the folks at Dropbox invited Loudr to be one of the first platforms to support the Dropbox Saver, which they launched at DBX. 

Naturally, we accepted, and we’ve been working with Dropbox to make it easier than ever to get your Loudr downloads, especially on mobile platforms. Starting today, customers can now save their Loudr purchases directly to their Dropbox and get to them from anywhere. There’s no need to wait around for any files to finish downloading. Saving continues even if your Internet connection drops. Here’s how it works:

1) Users click the “Save to Dropbox” button.

2) They choose their destination folder and hit “OK”.

3) The transfer begins and they can close the page.

That’s it.

We’re thrilled at how easy Dropbox has made it for us to get your music to you, wherever you are. As we continue to grow Loudr, one of our goals is to continue to work with awesome partners like Dropbox to build features and tools for our artists and fans. That way, everybody can be loud AND proud.


Album Art : Helpful Hints

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions involving album art - so many that we’ve tapped our in-house designer to share her thoughts on what makes awesome art. Remember that especially on a busy platform like iTunes, great art will draw customers to an album, even before they’ve had the chance to hear a single note. On Loudr, your art will be the very first thing that your fans see, and album art also helps entice people to pay more and receive bundled albums as well.

(Check out our previous post to learn more about Loudr and bundled albums!)


Read More

Bundling Now on Loudr

Back in February, we announced the acquisition of Kakapo, LLC on the A Cappella Records blog. Kakapo, the brainchild of Josh Whelchel, was responsible for running the Game Music Bundle and the Bundle Dragon do-it-yourself bundle platform.

Josh immediately got to work designing our direct store, Loudr, where our artists’ releases can already be found on a beautiful new store. But why build yet another online music store? Sure, it has pay-what-you-want pricing and a choice of file formats, but so does Bandcamp. What truly sets Loudr apart from other music platforms? How will it help solve the HUGE problem of new music discovery? And why did we acquire a bundle-platform developer instead of a traditional online store developer?

Today, we’re prepared to answer all those questions. The short answer, unsurprisingly, is:

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Introducing Loudr


We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our direct-to-fan platform, Loudr:

While we all love the iTunes store, it’s become clear to us that having an additional direct option for our artists helps fill in some gaps created by iTunes. For example, iTunes doesn’t exist in certain countries where our artists (and their fans!) live. Some people hate iTunes, Apple, and pretty much anything with a lower-case ‘i’ in front of its name. Some people are serious audiophiles and don’t like compressed formats like MP3. A LOT of people don’t like having to create an iTunes account to use the store.

Most importantly, iTunes takes a pretty hefty store-cut (30% off-the-top) from absolutely everyone. While it’s somewhat comforting to know that major labels like Sony and Universal records are losing as much money to iTunes as we are, we’d like to give our artists an opportunity to earn more simply by selling directly to their fans.

Enter Loudr.

Loudr has been designed from scratch to be the best place for artists to distribute their digital music. Unlike iTunes, there’s no account needed - customers can simply pay for what they want and receive it easily, with their purchases tied to their e-mail address for ease of access in the future. With every piece of content, fans can select their choice of high-quality MP3, Apple Lossless, or FLAC, and can download additional types in the future without having to re-buy the content.